What EGO Hacking Is Not

EGO Hacking is not about religion, meditation, mantras, happiness, symbols, yoga, crystals, science, art, Zen, energies (Chi, chakras, kundilini,...), etc.  

EGO Hacking

ego : the definition of who you think you are, your beliefs   hacking : the process of entering a system with the intention of modifying it to serve your purpose  

EGO Hacking Is About Awakening

It's a rational and practical approach to awakening. Waking up from what? From it all. EGO Hacking is 1) a framework (a map); and 2) a methodology that anyone can understand and apply to become aware. Weather you choose to, is up to you. The EGO Hacking framework and method work together and will help you:
  1. awaken partially, and still play in the amusement park, albeit with much more awareness.
  2. awaken fully, and be in the amusement park but not of the amusement park.

The Three Phases Of Life

Awakening is the process of moving from Phase I to Phase II. Every person starts in Phase I (a.k.a. the illusion or dream-state). In Phase I, you build-up the EGO, it's a process of 'addition', adding beliefs. In Phase II, you systematically detach from the EGO, it's a process of 'subtraction'.  

Is This Some Kind Of Weird Cult?

Yes, ... the mother ship is coming to take us home, join in our glory... 😉 EGO Hacking is not a cult, nor a religion. It's my take on awakening and it's sure to conflict with everything you think you understand. It's practical self-mastery, to find out who you are, but more correctly, who you are not. It's awakening from the illusion.

Who Is It For?

Let me be clear, EGO Hacking is not for everyone. Although awakening is available to every human being, not everyone is ready or willing to let go of the illusion of Phase I. I understand, it a scary process. However, if you're here and reading this, then you're probably ready to start or go further. My objective with EGO Hacking is not to yank you from your sleep and force an awakening. My goal is to provide guidance in the form of a framework and method to those who 1) are starting to wake up and could use some guidance weather they know it or not, 2) are partially awake and are searching for a tool to go further and 3) wish to pursue awakening in a systematic manner.  

Why Should I Hack My EGO? What Are The Benefits?

In Phase I, you created thousands and thousands of attachments, this keeps your EGO healthy and alive, and it also consumes a lot of energy. The constant chatter of your mind, the judgments and emotions are keeping you from waking up and seeing the truth. By dissociating yourself from those thoughts, the chatter of the EGO starts to wind down and you begin to experience a natural state of tranquility, of inner peace. With inner tranquility comes more clarity and consequently more intuitive understanding. You begin to see the world differently, I'm not kidding! You may not understand this if you are still in Phase I, but perhaps for the first time in your life, you will see the illusion. Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling excited about the day that's waiting for you. The process of awakening, even partially, will dramatically improve your quality of life.
  • You will be in control of your decisions, actions, emotions, judgments, beliefs and attachments.
  • You will have inner tranquility regardless of outside circumstances like traffic, annoying people, etc.
  • You will see things clearly, you will understand that external happiness is a myth and chasing after it will only lead you to misery.
  • You will be able to let go of pesky emotional baggage.
  • You will live from outside the boundaries of your EGO.
  • You will "know yourself".

That's the power of hacking you EGO, that's the power of awakening!

Okay, I'm Interested. What's Next?

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