An introduction to awakening

A Primer On Awakening

There are three levels of awakening. i) The non-awakened, ii) the partially awakened and iii) the fully awakened.

The non-awakened person does not know that he is not awake. He is driven by his EGO character without his knowing.

The partially awakened person knows that he is no longer asleep, but does not have the full knowing of being awake. He is aware of his EGO’s presence.

The fully awakened mind is fully awake, he is enlightened. In a way, he has disconnected from his EGO.



The stereotype of an awakened, or enlightened person is that of a bearded, mystical man dressed in some ceremonial robe, sitting in a yogic pose atop a mountain while conversing with the Universe while the rest of humanity looks up to him with humility, awe and wonder.

However, the reality of an awakened person is completely different. Awakening is not reserved for some elite segment of society but available to everyone.

If I was to guess, I would estimate that most people in the Western society are fully asleep. A small percentage are partially awake, and a very rare few are enlightened.


Awakening Is Not Good Or Bad

Awakening is not necessarily a superior state. An awakened person is not better than someone who is asleep. Being awake is not right and being asleep is not wrong. These are simply different states. The awakened person knows this and therefore does not flaunt their awakened state to others.

The leaves of the maple tree are green in the summer and red in the autumn. These are two different states. One is not right and the other wrong, just different.

A child and an adult are at different stages of life. One is not right and the other wrong. Same with awakening.


The Non-Awake

If you are asleep, then there is no intellectual activity that can be used to explain awakening. There is only one way to understand awakening, by waking up.

For example, when you are sleeping in your bed and dreaming, you don’t know that the dream is a dream until you wake up from your sleep. Only then you become aware that the pictures that ran through your mind were a dream.

The non-awakened person doesn’t know that he doesn’t know.


The Partially Awakened Person

This person has become aware of something. What?

That everything he believed to be true until that point in his life may actually not be. He has a realization that other people are asleep and he is slightly awake amongst them. Even people in positions of power and authority, people he respects and loves are all potentially sleep-walkers.

It’s similar to when you are in bed and dreaming but not fully asleep yet. You are able to view the images in your mind with some awareness. You know they are not real, but you allow yourself to abandon to them.

The process of questioning and verifying each belief you hold in your Belief System Database is the journey to full awakening.


The Awakened Person

The awakened person operates from a different operating system than most humans. Physically, they look human but their mind is not.

This person is enlightened (aka illuminated, self-actualized, living with abiding non-duality, awakened from the dreamstate, liberated, etc.).


Awaken From What?

The word awakening assumes an initial condition of sleep. In a sense this is correct. If you are aware, then you are either partially or fully awake, or else you are asleep.

It’s not a physical sleep and therefore it’s not a physical awakening. It’s an awakening of the mind. It’s a shift in mindset. It’s a different way to perceive the world.

It’s a shift in mindset from one based in external physical reality to a new one rooted in internal experience and knowing.

Another way to say it is, it’s a mindset shift from the EGOic state to a non-EGOic state.

Awakening is a different way to experience the world. It’s to be aware of the five senses without judgment and emotion.


The Process

A good analogy for the stages of awakening is that of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. It passes through three stages: i) caterpillar, ii) metamorphosis and iii) butterfly.

It starts life as one type of creature and through a death and rebirth process transforms into a new creature. Same for awakening, you start life as a sleeping human, go through the transformation of awakening and then become a new type of human.

The process of awakening also has a component of death and rebirth within the human experience that I will explain further below.

The caterpillar’s metamorphism is not something rare and extraordinary that only happens to some caterpillars; but it’s the right of every caterpillar to undergo this transformation. It’s the normal process. Not undergoing the transformation, when the time has arrived, is unnatural.


What Awakening Is Not

It’s not about religion. It’s true that some of the earliest awakened individuals were indeed the seeds that eventually brought about organized religion. Although organized religion was supposed to bring awakening to the masses, it unfortunately lost its way.

It’s also not about science. Science does not currently have the means to properly understand consciousness and awareness and therefore this whole subject matter of the human experience is invisible to it.

It’s also not to be confused with mystical experiences like “being one with the Universe” or other such states of “being”. It’s also not about Chakras, Chi, Kundalini and other energetic fields.


If The Time Comes, Awakening Is A Choice

In the movie The Matrix, Neo has a decision to make when Morpheus offers him the choice between the blue pill and the red pill. One decision will take him back to sleep in the Matrix and the other will catapult him into a new reality.

If your time arrives for awakening you will also be faced with a very similar choice. No, Morpheus will not show up and offer you two pills but that you will have to decide between answering the wake up call and ignoring it and returning to sleep.

Morpheus was Neo’s guide. He explained the whole process, gave him a choice and basically held him by the hand as Neo awoke. Even then, the process was very disturbing to Neo.

Here, outside the movie, most people don’t have a Morpheus-type guide to help with the awakening process and so this period in someone’s life can be confusing and disturbing.

It’s not surprising that most people will choose not to embark on this journey because they realize they don’t know how to deal with it.


Death & Rebirth

The process of awakening involves a death and rebirth process. Two events that are difficult for humans.

First, the dying part. I’m not talking about a physical death. Unlike the caterpillar, this transformation is not a physical one, it’s only on the level of the mind. It’s the death of your beliefs and identity.

In partial awakening, what dies is part of your EGO and consequently, part of your identity, i.e. who you think you are.

Even the smallest glimpse of this new reality is enough to scare the most externally brave person. In fact, external strength and other external qualities are completely useless for this journey of awakening.

What is the rebirth? What are you awakening to?

You are awakening to a new perspective of reality. Eckhart Tolle calls it “a new earth”. It’s an understanding of reality that includes less beliefs, less judgment and less emotions, i.e. less EGO.

While asleep, you are reactive to the external world. After the rebirth you are able to choose your response to external stimuli, you are response-able.

Your new reality will include a big dose of awareness as you become an observer of your senses, decisions, actions, emotions, judgments and beliefs.

You will be less influenced by your EGO and will be able to choose your responses, consequently you will make decisions rooted outside of your EGO’s influence.


The EGO Will Fight Back

Don’t think that the ego will allow you to mutilate itself without fighting back.  Nothing in nature wants to die, that includes your EGO.

The process of waking up involves cutting open your definition of self. It’s about questioning your beliefs, your judgments and your emotions. Basically, you bring to trial the validity of your identity.

The EGO does not like this. It will feel threatened and will fight back, because its role as an impostor is about to be revealed.

The EGO will try to convince you that questioning your beliefs is dangerous and it will attempt to return you to the safety of your external happiness. Most people will listen to the EGO at this point, because it’s the only solid ground they have ever known (if you are you familiar with The Bhagavad Gita, then can you see the similarity with Arjuna’s decision to put down his weapon?)

The alternative is analogous to going to war against your self. Questioning and killing belief after belief. Mutilating your inner self. This goes against survival instincts and is not for the faith of heart (again, can you see the similarity with The Bhagavad Gita? Arjuna realizes he is about to kill all this relatives).

The EGO will try to convince you to go back to sleep. How? It will use language like “you have a family to support”, “what will other people think”, “hey look, there’s a special price on large-screen TVs”, “who do you think you are?”, etc.


So Why Do It Then?

Awakening from the dream-state is a choice that you may have to make at a certain stage in life.

Most people will choose not to awaken. This decision is not taken consciously. It’s taken by simply clinging onto the dream-state and allowing the EGO to run the show.

Why did Neo choose the red pill instead of the safety of the blue one? Because he could not help himself. He knew there was a void in his life and this opportunity was about finding the truth.

This is the same reason that courageous people make the decision to continue the process of awakening.

Those who accept the call to wake up do it because they cannot not do it. They have seen a glimpse of something and are intrigued to find out more.


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