About Me


The Story Of My Search 

Part I

I have been searching for something since I was a child. What I was searching for, I didn’t know, but I was determined to find it.

I suspect I’m not alone in this life-long quest. This abiding need to find the answer is shared by people around the world, some aware of it while others not.

From an early age, I asked questions, I took things apart to see how they worked, I read books, many books. Libraries became my church and the books became my mentors. From astronomy to zoology, from religion, art and spirituality, I devoured them all.

I gravitated towards science because I saw immense beauty in it and I focused my search within it, convinced that it held the answer.

I obtained a Ph.D. in computational chemistry and worked in the field for many years. I completely put my faith in science because everything it claimed, it proved with experiments. How could that be wrong? Right? I assumed that if I dug deep enough that science would reveal its secrets to me.

Today however, I see that I had committed myself to science and rational thinking to such a degree that it had become my own personal religion. I would attack any idea that could not be proven with rational thinking, I was a bad ass.


Part II

Today, the more mature me can tell you that science is only one way to understand the Universe, but there’s also another perspective.

The problem however, is that this other perspective is invisible to science, because science, does not currently have the tools to observe it.

I had reached a dead-end with science as it could not answer my question. As my faith in science died, my enthusiasm for spirituality grew. In the beginning, I did not necessarily understand everything I learned but the more I studied the more I understood.


Part III

Then my understanding turned into experiencing and that’s when I finally started to “know” the answer.

Today, I realize that my knowing, although new to me, has been known before, by many, and for thousands of years. What I discovered was not something new but something that was always there, I simply uncovered it for myself. It’s available for everyone to discover it for themselves.

Your Purpose in life, if you choose to accept it, is to discover this knowing for yourself. The criterion is that you must want to find it. It requires some courage.


Ultimately the search is a choice, it’s your choice.