Transformative Courses

Don't underestimate the power of these courses. They may seem simple but they will transform your life!


The Rice Experiment

This is not a course, it's an experiment.

An experiment that will prove that your thoughts have the power to affect your physical reality.

Once you see the results, you will treat your thoughts differently. The Universe does not judge your thoughts as good or bad, it simply obeys them.

Free-Writing (Free - Coming Soon)

For many people, the process of writing is like going to the gym, not necessarily enjoyable. The energy barrier to overcome to sit down and write can be very high.

This was the case for me for a long time until I discovered that I would rather pay the price of the discomfort of writing than the price of stagnation and not knowing.

By far, nothing has improved my quality of mind more than writing on a daily basis (well, almost on a daily basis).

End Of Suffering eBook


Eliminate pain & suffering with the EGO Hacking method.

This PDF eBook outlines a new framework and method to first understand, and then eliminate suffering. It's a very powerful tool and has the potential to easily reduce and/or eliminate any type of suffering.

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