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Life Is Ticking Away

Find Your True Purpose & Meaning In Life

What Do You Really Want?

“… to be happy, I just want to be happy” is the typical answer.

But it’s not really working out, is it? Not for you, not for anyone.

You feel entitled to a happy life because you’ve done everything you were supposed to. You followed all the rules: went to school, got married, got the job, got the car, the kids, the house, the vacations, the electronics, etc.

You are successful in the metrics of society. You have arrived at your destination …


Yet, You “Know” That Something Is Missing

Life has lost its luster and everything feels like a shade of grey.

You just don’t feel satisfied and you ask yourself, “…is this all there is to life?”


You Crave Purpose And Meaning

You want to change your situation but don’t know how to do it and are afraid of making the wrong decision.

You know that you’re not doing your life’s work and you feel like life is ticking away and you’re wasting your time

Overall, you just don’t feel aligned with your Purpose & Mission in life.


I understand your problem very well. I was there once and lived through it. And I have some answers for you.

My Story

After 12 Years As A Research Scientist With A PhD And Making A Six-Figure Income, I Walked Away From It All.

Why? Because some natural force was pulling on me. That force was the Universe telling me that I was out of alignment and that it was time to discover my true Purpose and Mission in life.  So that’s what I did. I became committed to finding the answers. I went deep, worked hard and discovered my true Purpose & Meaning in life. Now I’m back to help you find your own!

Today I Live My Life Aligned With My Purpose & Mission In Life 

  • I accomplish my Purpose in life on a daily basis
  • I know myself
  • I know my Mission in life
  • I do work that is meaningful to me, it’s very satisfying
  • I wake up with enthusiasm for the day’s work
  • I’m excited about life again, like I used to be when I was a kid
  • My days are spent doing work that matters to me


What is my Mission in life? Here it is:

My mission in life is to make you aware that you can accomplish more, aim higher, reach for excellence. That your dreams and passions are beautiful things that reflect who you truly are and that it’s worth getting excited about. To inspire you to be courageous, ignore the naysayers and take action towards your goals to make your life better. To celebrate your achievements.

EGO Hacking (This Site) Is The Expression Of My Mission In Life

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.

~ Joseph Campbell

Now Your Turn: FIND YOUR OWN Purpose & Mission IN LIFE

You are a unique individual with a personal Purpose and Mission in life.

There’s a reason you are on this planet. You have something to bring to the party of life.

The Universe is constantly giving you hints by pulling you towards your Purpose and Mission.

Part of the answer is to recognize it and allow yourself to be pulled. However, this is a choice. If you decide to stay rigid, as most people do, then there’s a price to pay. The price is stagnation in life and a sense of lack. And most people do pay this price.

You have a choice. Pay the price or start your journey to finding your Purpose and Mission in life.


You Have The Opportunity To Live Life To Its Fullest

Imagine waking up in the morning with energy and enthusiasm. You are excited to start your day because everything you do is aligned with your Purpose and Mission in life.

You “know” who you really are.

Your energy will infect everyone around you. You know that your day will be spent working on what matters to you. It’s meaningful to you.

Imagine what kind of life that would be.

Frequently Asked Questions

You use the words Purpose and Mission as if they are separate things, are they?

Yes, in the EGO Hacking method, Purpose and Mission refer to two separate things. Everyone shares the same Purpose in life but everyone’s Mission is different.

What Is EGO Hacking?

: the mind that is you

: the process of entering a system with the intention of modifying it to serve your purpose

EGO Hacking is the process of hacking your mind to awaken to your Purpose and Mission in life.

Is This Some Kind Of Religion Or Weird Cult?

Yes, … the mother ship is coming to take us home, join in our glory… 😉

Just kidding. No religion, no cult.

How Is This Related To Religions Or Philosophies?

EGO Hacking embodies, in modern language, the wisdom of spiritual teachers across the ages:

Roman Stoics: Seneca, Aurelius, Epictetus, …
Modern philosophers: Emerson, Campbell, Chopra, Yoda, …
Old scriptures: The Bhagavad Gita, The Dhammapada, The Tao Te Ching, The Bible, …
Movies: like Star Wars, The Matrix, …

How To Find Your True Purpose & Meaning In Life


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However, if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, then be honest with yourself and admit that you are working for the money and nothing else.

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The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.~ Joseph Campbell