Lesson 1 – Purpose, Mission, Expression And Calling Beta 1

Find Your True Calling In Life

Lesson 1

The Difference Between Purpose, Mission, Expression & Calling

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You often hear people talking about “Purpose in life” or “Mission in life” or “Calling in life”. Most will use these words “Purpose”, “Mission” and “Calling” interchangeably.

However, in this course they refer to very different concepts and I will not use them interchangeably.

In order to embark on the right path towards finding what you are meant to do in life, it’s important to clearly define the meaning of these words.

A Culture In Need Of Healing

We are a culture in search of purpose and meaning. Like zombies, we wander aimlessly in life in search of anything that has a semblance of purpose or meaning.

At a young age, we get a taste of happiness and get addicted to it. Then we chase it for the rest of our lives, believing that it’s the Holy Grail. But happiness is temporary and not sustainable. Happiness is nice to have from time to time, but it should not be anyone’s pursuit in life.

Chasing after happiness will only you lead to its twin brother, “suffering”. You see, happiness and suffering are two sides of the same door. You can’t have one without the other, they come as a pair.

We are a culture dependent on happiness and suffering; a culture in desperate need of healing, in desperate need for purpose and meaning.


Our Two Fundamental Needs In Life

In order to live a life with purpose and meaning, there are two fundamental needs that must be satisfied on a daily basis. They are:

  1. to accomplish your Purpose
  2. to accomplish your Calling

I use the word “accomplish” not as something to complete or finish but as a way to continue working towards.

Only by meeting these two needs will our culture escape from the sense of lack and stagnation that it’s currently stuck in.

So, what are Purpose and Calling? At a basic level, they are about “who” you are and “why” you are here respectively. Let’s go deeper…


Purpose In Life (Who You Are)

All human beings have the same Purpose in life.

Your Purpose is to discover that, at your most essential nature, you are not only of physical body & mind, but also of spirit.

Your Purpose in life is to make this connection with your essential nature on a daily basis and consequently to become aware of your higher-self. It’s to know “who” you are.

Your Purpose is the connection with your spiritual part.

We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Your Purpose in life is not only to make this realization, that you are something more than the physical body and the mind, but also to allow yourself to be guided by this knowing.

The awareness of this spirit side of yourself will transform your life, from mundane to amazing. You will see the world with a different pair of eyes and experience synchronicities in your reality. How does this happen?

The act of working towards your Purpose in life, is the act of wiping the foggy window that resides between your physical body and mind, and your essential nature.

Accomplishing your Purpose in life will give you access to inner peace, because you will start to disconnect from the EGO that is at the root of suffering.

By being aware, and allowing yourself to be guided by this knowing, you will more easily get insights into your Mission and the Expression of your Mission.

If you have not yet experienced this knowing then I understand that it may all sound kind of weird. But don’t worry about it because in this course, we will not talk about your Purpose in life as defined here.

Know Thyself ~ Socrates


Calling (What You Do)

Your Calling in life is composed of two elements: your Mission in life and the unique way you Express it.

It’s the combined effect of these two elements that create your Calling in life. It’s “what” you do.



So what are the definitions of “Mission in life” and the “Expression” of it?


Mission In Life (Why You Are Here)

Your mission in life is the reason you are here on earth. It’s what you are here to accomplish.

It’s the “why” that Simon Sinek talks about in his book Start With Why.

It’s the reason you wake up in the morning and it’s something that you are especially well-suited to do.

Your Mission is an adventure that can span years, decades, or a whole lifetime.

Your Mission is the overarching “thing” that you are here to do.

Although it’s unlikely to change dramatically over time, you can however expect your Mission to evolve with you as you progress through life.

Very likely, your Mission has commonalities with the Mission of other people, because there will very likely be a component of helping and serving others. This seems to be a common thread that runs in most people’s Mission in life.

Within this course, your Mission in life will take the form of a statement that resonates with you at a deep level.

You will discover your Mission in life in Lesson 3.


Expression Of Mission (How You Accomplish Your Mission)

A mission can be accomplished in many different ways. The way you go about accomplishing your Mission in life is called the Expression of your Mission.

For example, if you had a mission to plan a wedding then you would consider locations, venues, photographer, music, etc. The final combination of all these elements is the “way” you will have accomplished the wedding.

Similarly, the “way” that you will accomplish your Mission in life is called the Expression of that Mission.

The Expression of your Mission is the unique way that you creatively express your talent or talents. There is something about you that makes you unique in this world. It’s something you do so well that you don’t have to think about it; it comes naturally to you. So naturally, in fact, that you may not be aware of it.

Using this talent to accomplish your Mission in life is what you are here to do.

You will discover your unique talent and your Expression in Lesson 4.



Your Purpose = it’s “who” you are; it does not change; it’s the same for everyone
Your Calling = it’s the combination of “why” & “how”; it’s “what” you do
Your Mission = “why” you are on this planet; it evolves over time; can be somewhat similar to other people’s Mission
Your Expression of Mission = “how” you accomplish your “why”; is completely unique to you and makes use of your talent(s)

At the beginning of this lesson I said there are two basic needs that must be satisfied in order to live a meaningful life: Purpose and Calling.

However, you do not need to work on both at the same time. Although I believe that it’s preferable to have a connection with your Purpose before figuring out your Calling, the practical reality may be different for most people.

On my own personal journey, I discovered my Calling before I discovered by Purpose.

This course will guide you through the process of finding your Calling in life by finding both your Mission in life (Lesson 3) and the Expression of it (Lesson 4).

This course is not about your Purpose in life. That subject matter is addressed on the EGO Hacking website.


We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. – Joseph Campbell


The following exercises are different than those found in the later lessons. While Lessons 2 to 5 will require hands-on and practical work, the exercises in this lesson are less tangible and are meant to be nurtured over a longer period of time.

Their purpose is to awaken your intuitive mind. The more you practice the better you will become and after some time you will rely more on your intuition and less on rational thinking to make decisions.

You may already have incorporated some of these exercises in your life, that’s great. If not, then these exercises may seem somewhat esoteric to you. Please trust the process of this course and attempt to implement a few of them, at least, in your daily routine.

Practicing these exercises will be beneficial to your quality of life and help you with Lessons 4 and 5.


How To Do The Exercises

I recommend that you choose one exercise per day, start with the one that resonates with you the most, and attempt to implement it during the whole day. Then the next day, choose another exercise, etc.

After one week you will have gone through the whole set. The order of the exercises does not matter, the important thing is to incorporate as many of them into your daily life as possible.

There is a summary at the end of this page. You can copy and paste it into a calendar for easy access.


Exercise 1.1 – Quiet The Mind

Be it yoga, walking, meditation, music, dancing, etc. Escape the mind’s chatter and simply be present.

Stillness of the mind will allow you to hear what’s behind it. It will allow you to connect with something bigger, your essential nature. Allowing yourself to be guided by your essential nature will facilitate the process of finding your life’s Calling.

Try to maintain a daily practice of quieting the mind.


Exercise 1.2 – Do Not Judge

This is a very powerful and practical exercise to quiet the mind and allow the Universe to guide you.

When you make a judgment, you create a corresponding emotion. Emotions belong in the domain of the EGO and the role of the EGO is to conceal your essential nature.

Whenever you find yourself judging something, someone or some circumstance, become aware of it and stop yourself.

It can be done anywhere and anytime. It’s simple to do. Just don’t judge. That’s it.

You can train yourself by holding two opposing thoughts in your mind, without judging them.

For example, think about something you are passionate about, like a sports team, political party, environmental issue, etc. Now find the opposing idea and hold both ideas in your mind without judging.

Do not underestimate the power of this exercise! It can radically change your life.


Exercise 1.3 – The Universe Is Always Talking, Pay Attention

The Universe is always talking to you in its own way. Pay attention.

Do the same people, things or events, show up in your life? Pay attention to them. Not because it necessarily means something, but because you can learn something about yourself.

Become aware of life’s synchronicities. Simply pay attention and notice things. The more you pay attention, the more you will notice.


Exercise 1.4 – Allow Yourself To Be Guided

Have you ever felt like you needed to do something, or go somewhere, or get information about a subject? These are things that don’t necessarily make sense because they are not rational but you feel like a deep insight is guiding you.

When you feel a pull towards something, don’t fight it, simply allow yourself to be pulled.

The Universe is very good at guiding you.


Exercise 1.5 – Let Go & Move Forward

If something that previously seemed so important to you, now lacks meaning, then pay attention. It means something. This is a normal progression of moving through life.

It’s healthy to move on to the next thing. Stagnation in life occurs when we hold on to old things just because they held an important place in our EGO some time ago.

When it’s time to let go… let go and move forward. The Universe has something else waiting for you. Trust it.


Exercise 1.6 – Embrace The Squiggle

Life is not necessarily a straight line from point A to point B. It’s not like starting at the bottom of a ladder and simply climbing the rungs to the top.

It may feel more like a spiral or a squiggle. Just when you think you have arrived at some important point in your life, the squiggle takes you in a different direction.

Don’t fight it. Don’t try to straighten the squiggle. Instead, embrace it and move with it. Sometimes, it will feel like you are moving backwards but you are not. Trust that the squiggle is taking you forward.


Exercise 1.7 – Let Go Of Rationalization & Trust Yourself

During the process of finding your Calling, you will be faced with decisions that may not make sense to you when viewed from the perspective of rational thinking.

For example, that degree you worked so hard to obtain, may not be needed once you identify your true Calling. Holding on to the potential of that degree is the logical thing to do. Right?

However, allowing logic and rationalization to enter into the process of finding your Calling will slow you down and may even prevent you from finding it.

Let go of rationalization. Befriend the illogical. Become comfortable with uncertainty and fuzziness. Don’t over-analyze, trust that your intuitive side has the answers.

How to recognize rational thinking? It may sound like this: “who do you think you are?” or “what will my family and friends think?” or “I can’t do that” or “I need to be a responsible adult”, etc.

Finding your Calling with rational thinking does not work. So let go of logic and trust your intuition. Only then will your Calling make sense to you.



  1. Quiet the mind
    • Let go of both physical and mental tension. Be still and aware.
  2. Do not judge
    • The act of becoming aware of your judgments will dissolve the judgment
  3. The Universe is always talking, pay attention
    • Become aware of synchronicities between your thoughts and the physical world.
  4. Allow yourself to be guided
    • Let go of control and let yourself be guided towards someone, something or some place.
  5. Let go and move forward
    • Let go of things that you are mentally holding onto, it’s okay, there something else waiting for you.
  6. Embrace the squiggle
    • Embrace the non-linear path of life. It may feel like you are going backwards at times but you are simply moving on the squiggly path.
  7. Let go of rationalization and trust yourself
    • Be aware of rationalization and gently let go of it. Allow uncertainty and fuzziness to enter into your life and be okay with it.



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2 thoughts on “Lesson 1 – Purpose, Mission, Expression And Calling Beta 1

  1. The exercise #2 do not judge is very helpful especially when you are surrounded by a lot of people and you need to adjust to various demands and needs.
    I also find exercise #1 a great way of relaxation just taking in the sounds of one’s environment, e.g. The crickets and the birds in the backyard.

    1. Hi Ruth, I’m glad you finally found some time to start working on the course 🙂

      I agree, the “do not judge” exercise (#2) is, although difficult at times, incredibly practical and powerful. It’s a great one to incorporate into a daily routine.

      The “quiet the mind” exercise (#1) has become for me, an absolute necessity. I do it by walking everyday, but any method is good; sitting in the quiet backyard and being aware is great.

      The set of exercises in this lesson seem trivial, but when incorporated into a daily routine, even if it’s only a few of them, are enough to make profound changes.


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