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Perception Of Reality


I am honoured that you are here. My name is Araz Jakalian and I will be your humble guide as you do the work to uncover your unique and personal Calling in life.

I am actually excited for you! Why, you may ask?

Because finding your life’s True Calling is something very special.

It’s special because you will KNOW why you are here on this planet. This knowing is very personal, comforting and empowering. It’s a major milestone in your life and may, very likely, lead to a pivot point in your life.

What you are about to embark on will not always be easy, because the process of finding your Calling is really the process of introspection and (re-)discovering your self.

It may also be extra challenging for some of you, because it’s not a rational or logical process. It does not involve making the “best” decision but rather the intuitively-guided one. I will show you how to learn to let go of logical thinking and start trusting yourself.

What Can You Expect From This Course?

You may be surprised to read that you already “know” your True Calling in life. It’s not something that you will create from nothing because it’s already present in you, but it’s hidden.

Therefore, this course will guide you through the process of discovering the necessary bits of information that are stored in your mind in order to uncover your 1) Mission in life and 2) the Expression of that Mission.

At the end of Lesson 3, you will have written down something very special, your Mission in life.

At the end of Lesson 4, you will have found the unique way that you Express your Mission in life.

I’m literally getting goosebumps as I write this, because I’m excited for you. My own Calling is still the most personal, important and impactful thing I have ever written.

Some Guidance – Be Gentle & Patient With Yourself

Throughout this course, allow yourself to breath between (and within) the lessons. Patience is an absolute necessity.

Do not blast through the process in order to finish it as soon as possible but rather, relax into it and let the answers flow.

Be serious about finding your Calling, but allow the process to happen in a gentle manner. Forcing it will inhibit your ability to find it.

Chasing success is like trying to squeeze a handful of water. The tighter you squeeze, the less water you get. ~ Wayne Dyer

Description Of The Lessons

Lesson 1 is available to you right now, simply use the password found in the PDF document that you received by email after making the purchase.

Then, a new password will be automatically emailed to you for each lesson at the rate of 1 lesson per week. Therefore, you will receive a password to access Lesson 2 in one week.

Lesson 1: Understand The Difference Between Purpose, Mission, Expression & Calling

This lesson will clarify the “what” you are working towards.

Rational thinking will not be very helpful in this journey of finding your Calling. These exercises are meant to loosen the security grip on rationalization and to awaken and nurture your intuitive side.

Lesson 2: Digging Deep

If we use the analogy that finding your Calling is like building a jigsaw puzzle, then lesson 2 is where we start to find and accumulate the pieces of that puzzle. Individual pieces will not necessarily make sense on their own but once you start to place them in their respective positions, a clearer picture will gradually emerge.

You will start hacking into the forest of your mind. The exercises will make you dig deep inside yourself and bring out important nuggets of information that will be used in Lesson 3. All the work is done in private, no one in this course will ever see your results.

Lesson 3: Write Your Mission Statement

This is where it all comes together. You will learn how to differentiate between the useful pieces of the puzzle and those that are not needed.

Using the data from Lesson 2 and by following a very precise recipe, you will write your Mission as a statement.

Lesson 4: Uncover Your True Expression

There are many ways to accomplish a mission. Although the mission itself does not change, how you choose to accomplish it can take on many different forms or Expressions.

Through a series of exercises, you will discover the unique Expression of your Mission in life.

Lesson 5: Your Hero’s Journey

This lesson provides a 30,000 feet perspective of the journey you have bravely chosen to embark on. It makes use of Joseph Campbell’s sequence of life events called the Hero’s Journey.

With this perspective, you will be able to re-frame or create a map of your own life’s journey and how your new-found Calling integrates with it.

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