How To Make A Good Decision Every Time

You Have Options In Front Of You

You need to act, to make a decision. How do you know what decision to make? Is there such a thing as a right decision?

The quality of your decision-making is highly dependent on your location. I don’t mean your physical location, but rather the location of your awareness. What does that mean? Let me explain.

At any given moment, your awareness is in either of two locations: i) inside your EGO or ii) outside your EGO.


Inside Your EGO

When you awareness is inside the EGO, you are not present, your mind is remembering the past or anticipating the future. You simply are not aware. Your decisions and actions are driven by judgments and emotions. You are not in control, and all decisions are taken by your EGO. More importantly, you are reactive to external situations.

Sometimes these decisions will be good and other times, not so good. The point is, you don’t have a say. You are not in control, your EGO is.

For example, someone cuts you off in traffic and you get frustrated and angry. That’s the EGO controlling your mind and body, that’s you being reactive.


Conditioned Bundle Of Reactivity

Even though you may believe that you are in control, in fact, you are simply a conditioned bundle of reactivity.

Most people, unfortunately, spend the large part of their day in this state of mind. They have no control over their judgments, emotions, decisions and actions. They are happy when (they believe) things go their way and miserable when (they belief) otherwise.

They just don’t realize that they are not aware. It’s a case of “they don’t know that they don’t know”.


Awareness Outside Your EGO

The second location of your awareness is outside of the EGO. This is the opposite of the first scenario. In this case, you are aware and present in front of the external situation. You are not processing the external world through your judgments and emotions.

Your mind is not lost in the past or in the future, it’s simply aware of the present moment.

When the chatter of the EGO is absent, then your mind is quiet. You have no active attachments, judgments, opinions and emotions. You are in a state of ease and flow.

You observe external situations as they happen, with complete awareness.

You are responsive to external events. Your are response-able or responsible, not reactive.


State Of Ease And Flow

You may be asking yourself, if my awareness is not inside the EGO and I have no active judgments and emotions then what am I feeling? How am I making decisions?

You are not “feeling” but rather you are in a state of ease and flow. This state of being is characterized by ease and inner peace. Your mind is tranquil and you are in a state of flow.

When your awareness is removed from within the EGO, then what remains is your essential nature.

In this state, your decisions and actions are rooted in ease and flow. Decisions and actions emanating from this state, are called Right Action. You are in accord with nature.

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. ~Marcus Aurelius

The car that cuts you off in traffic creates no judgments or emotions in you, and therefore no negative inward or outward action is taken by you. The event occurs and you perceive it, not as good or bad, but as it happens with no judgment. You are not reactive, but rather you are able to choose your response to the event because your awareness is present at that moment.


Practical Advice

When you make decisions from inside the EGO, your beliefs, judgments and emotions are taking charge and deciding for you. The better situation is to bring your awareness to the present moment and make a decision from your essential nature.

You can chose to be reactive or responsive. That in itself is a decision.

Here are five awareness actions you can take, sorted by increasing order of difficulty, to make a good decision.

  1. Become aware of your actions and decision. Even now as you are reading, become aware of yourself.
  2. Become aware of your emotions. As soon as you step away from an emotion and examine it, it will lose its strength
  3. Become aware of your judgments and opinions. Realize that you are constantly judging your reality. This takes you out of ease and flow.
  4. Become aware of your beliefs. This is more difficult to do and requires some guidance but is extremely powerful!
  5. Become aware of your self. Socrates said “Know Thyself”. This is the ultimate state of awareness.

Let me know what you think? Do you agree with this article or not?

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