What EGO Hacking Is Not

EGO Hacking is not about religion, meditation, mantras, happiness, symbols, yoga, crystals, science, art, Zen, energies (Chi, chakras, kundilini,…), etc.


EGO Hacking

: the definition of who you think you are, your beliefs

: the process of entering a system with the intention of modifying it to serve your purpose


EGO Hacking Is About Becoming Aware

It’s a rational and practical approach to becoming aware. It’s 1) a detailed framework (map) of the EGO; and 2) a methodology to hack into it.


Is This Some Kind Of Weird Cult?

Yes, the mother ship is coming to take us home, join in our glory 😉

EGO Hacking is not a cult, nor a religion. There’s no statue or person to worship.

It’s a process of awakening and it’s sure to conflict with everything you think you understand about your reality.


What To Expect?

You will hack into your EGO to start taking control. The EGO will not like this and will certainly fight back.

One thing is certain, everything I write within EGO Hacking is verifiable by you. I’m not trying to convince you anything that you don’t already know.


Who Is It For?

If you are reading this then I suspect it’s for you.


Why Should I Hack My EGO? What Are The Benefits?

The short-term, and most tangible benefit, is the control of your suffering and some peace of mind.

However it goes far beyond that. Your current EGO uses a lot of energy to keep itself alive and healthy. The more you hack into it, the more energy you will liberate for yourself and things will change, everything will change.


Okay, I’m Interested. What’s Next?

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