The Myth Of Happiness – Part 1

What Do You Want in Life?
What do you really want in life?

“… to be happy, I just want to be happy” is probably the most common answer.

Everyone wants Happiness and everyone is chasing after it. But it’s not really working out, is it? Not for you, not for anyone. Why is that?

Shouldn’t you have found happiness by now? You’re doing everything right, you’re a good person with good values, doing what you’re supposed to. Aren’t you entitled to happiness?

I also used to believe that happiness was the key to a great life. I felt entitled to be happy because I did everything I was supposed to do according to my parents, friends and society. Yet, my day-to-day was unsatisfying, dull, predictable, and lacked purpose and meaning.

I was deep in the “9-to-5” and was constantly waiting for the weekends to get a break from the rat-race. This was not how it was supposed to be!

I used to be energetic and excited about life. I was expecting my days to be filled with purpose and meaning.

But there I was, and that amazing life had not materialized. Happiness was not part of my life in general.

If you’re reading this, then I suspect that you also resonate with this?

If I was supposed to be happy, and I was doing everything right, then why was I unhappy, why are you unhappy, why is society unhappy?

Where did I go wrong? Where did we go wrong? Where did society go wrong?


The Ugly Truth About Happiness That No One Told You About
If you pay enough attention, you’ll see that we are constantly bombarded with images, text and audio that suggest happiness as the answer from an unhappy life. We are led to believe that the pursuit of happiness is a worthwhile goal.

Books, videos, magazines and articles have titles like “How To Be Happy”, “The Happiness Project”, “The 6 Secrets To Happiness You Need To Know”, “Be Happy Now”, “Secrets To A Happy Life”, etc.

We associate happiness with success. We believe that happiness is important. We believe that happiness is the Holy Grail to a meaningful life.

I’m here to tell you that this is wrong.

Yes, wrong!


Perhaps Happiness Is Not The Solution?
Consider for a moment the idea that Happiness and the pursuit of Happiness may not lead to a meaningful life.

I know this goes against conventional wisdom and perhaps what you currently believe to be true but please keep reading.

Do you know anyone who has found happiness? Think about it carefully. Other people may appear to be happy but are they really? Have they really found Happiness?

As you progress through the world of EGO Hacking, it will become very clear to you that most everyone is dealing with the same internal issues as you.

What if you were given the wrong information about Happiness?


Happiness Is A Nice-To-Have But It’s Not The Solution

You’ve been mislead, we have been mislead all these years. Chasing Happiness does not lead to the destination that people believe that it does.

Happiness is a “nice-to-have” from time to time but it’s not something you want to pursue in the long run because it’s simply not sustainable.

You can attempt to pursue Happiness and you may find it from time to time but in the long run, it’s not a strategy that will work because the pursuit of Happiness is not sustainable.

It’s not a long-term solution, it’s not something you or I should be doing.

You cannot continue to chase after Happiness. Those who chase after happiness as a way of life are miserable in the long run. But why?


Happiness Has An Evil Twin Brother Called Suffering
Happiness and Suffering are related.

They are so related that you can’t have one without the other, they come as a pair. Many people don’t realize this fact.

If Happiness is one side of a door, then Suffering is the other side; you can’t separate the two.

What do I mean by the word Suffering? Within EGO Hacking, the word Suffering represents all negative emotions, e.g. unhappiness, discomfort, anger, sadness, conflict, etc. From this point on, I will use the word Suffering to describe the collection of negative emotions.

There’s no way to separate Happiness from Suffering, they come together. They are two faces of the same coin.

The more you chase after Happiness, the more you will encounter its twin brother Suffering.

If Happiness is one end of a stick, then Suffering is the other end. Even if you break the stick in half you still remain with both Happiness and Suffering.

From now on, when you think of Happiness, you should instead think of Happiness & Suffering. Maybe we should write it like this: Happiness&Suffering.

Happiness And Suffering are on the same spectrum. Like a thermometer that has a range of readings from cold to hot, a person can easily go from Happiness to Suffering because they are located on the same spectrum.


The Seesaw Analogy
One more analogy that I want to present. Think of Happiness and Suffering as a game of seesaw (teeter-totter).

On one side is Happiness and the other, Suffering. When Happiness goes up, Suffering comes down, and vise versa, those are the rules of the game, there are no other choices. Up and down.

Back and forth, Happiness and Suffering take turns and play the game.

The point of this seesaw analogy is that Happiness and Suffering are components of the same game. You can’t separate them. If you chase after one, you will also encounter the other, they are elements of the same game.

You can’t separate Suffering from Happiness.

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