The Power Of Belief

Beliefs Are Acquired

In order to survive, a baby is born with only a few beliefs. The belief that loud noises and falling are dangerous. These intrinsic beliefs are required for survival and are rooted in the fear of death.

As an adult, all your other beliefs are learned. This is an important concept to understand at an intimate level. You have been conditioned to believe in the things that you currently believe in.

Since you were a child, you’ve been accumulating beliefs. You have thousands and thousands of them. Everything you currently consider to be true was acquired, i.e. you were not born with them.


Beliefs Make You The Person You Think You Are

Beliefs are not necessarily right or wrong, good or bad, they are simply what you believe to be true. Some beliefs serve you and some do not serve you.

Beliefs are extremely powerful. They make you the person you think you are.


There Is Nothing More Powerful

They can make you healthy and wealthy or sick and miserable. Your beliefs create your perception of the world, your judgments, opinions, preferences, emotions, decisions and actions. Every action you take is rooted in the set of beliefs you hold. Your beliefs control everything you think and do. Yes, they are that powerful!

Think about the placebo effect. What is it? It’s a belief. The belief that someone wearing a white coat has a pill that will cure you.

Are you starting to see the power of beliefs?


All Beliefs Are Rooted In Fear

There is currently a widespread mass-belief that you need to wear sunscreen when you go outside in the sun.
Think about this. A baby is not born with this belief. So where did it come from? Maybe you acquired this belief as a child because your parents put sunscreen on you (because they themselves believed) or you picked it up from marketing material from a sunscreen-selling company that warned you against “the harmful rays of the sun”.Let’s breakdown this belief that “I need to wear sunscreen” into its component beliefs and all the way down to the root fear that is supporting it.

  • Belief: “I need to wear sunscreen when I go outside in the sun”
  • Why? To protect myself from the harmful rays of the sun
  • Belief: “The rays of the sun are harmful”
  • what would happen if the harmful rays were to be absorbed into your skin?
  • Belief: “I could get skin cancer and die”
  • Fear: “death”

Think about it, you have been conditioned to believe that the rays of the sun are harmful. Have you ever stopped to think about this? Sunscreen was only invented in the 1950’s so this belief is relatively new. How did humanity survive before sunscreen?

(Not to derail you from the subject of beliefs but… what prevents skin cancer is Vitamin D3. The main source of Vit D3 is exposure to the sun. When you wear sunscreen, you inhibit the creation of Vit D3 in the body which leads to skin cancer.

Beliefs are like candy, you walk into a candy store and pick the ones that make you feel good or safe.

A Belief Is Supported By Other Beliefs

A belief is the outward expression of the only real fear, the fear of non-existence or the fear of death.

Many beliefs serve to support the same fear. For example:
“I must wear sunscreen”, “avoid the number 13”, “don’t talk to strangers”, “flying is dangerous”, “black cats are to be avoided”, “I must wear a seat belt”, “small spaces are dangerous”, etc.

One of the most popular “fears” is the “fear of heights”. But actually it’s not a fear per se, it’s a belief, it’s the belief that “heights are dangerous”. The real fear behind it is the fear of  death.

Let’s break it down…

belief: heights are dangerous (is supported by the …)
belief: heights cause “falling” (is supported by…)
belief: falling cause bodily harm (is supported by…)
belief: bodily harm will cause death (is supported by the fear of …)
fear: death


Control Your Beliefs, Control Your Life

One thing to realize is your current set of beliefs are not attached to you. You have decided to be attached to them.

The only reason you own your current set of beliefs is because of the way your parents, teachers and society conditioned you. If you grew up in a different country, with a different parents and societal norms, then you would have a different set of beliefs. One set of beliefs is not better or worse.

The point is that beliefs are not real and you can choose to exchange one set of beliefs for another. You can also eliminate beliefs that are not serving you and acquire new beliefs to change your life for the better. Beliefs are the building blocks of your quality of life and the best part is that you choose your beliefs. Most people don’t know this.

EGO hacking is about taking control of your beliefs. Keeping the ones that serve you and eliminating the ones that don’t.

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