The Three Phases

If I ask you to split your life into three phases or stages, which criterion will you use?

For example, you can use your age; Phase 1: birth to teen, Phase 2: adulthood and Phase 3: senior.

Or perhaps, major events that occurred and marked your life, Phase 1: met your spouse; Phase 2: marriage, house, kids; Phase 3: retirement.

You can use many other criteria but in EGO Hacking, we will separate your life into three phases by using your level of awareness. Yes, your level of Awareness. Awareness of what? I will get to that in later articles but first let’s figure out if you are a zombie, werewolf or vampire.

Are you a zombie, werewolf or vampire?
What’s the difference, you ask?

A zombies is a living-dead, its neither living nor dead. It does not operate on its own, it doesn’t think and is not aware, it simply follows its internal programming for the search of food, brains in this case. It functions withing a group collective.

A werewolf is more aware than a zombie and knows that he is some kind of animal. He struggles between his human form and the werewolf that he know he is. He operates as an individual and can easily recognize a zombie, and he’s especially aware of the zombie collective.

A vampire knows he is a vampire and sees all.

So which one are you?

Back To The Three Phases
Within EGO Hacking, I will label Phase 1 as The Human Experience. From now on, Phase 1 and The Human Experience will mean the same thing and I will use them interchangeably.

Phase 2 is also known as the EGO Hacking stage and Phase 3 is, well, I don’t know at this point but I suppose we can call it the vampire stage for now.

It’s Not Good Or Bad, Better Or Worst…
Before we go further, let me clarify something; to be in Phase 3 is not better than Phase 2 and is not better that Phase 1. These are not levels like in school that you must reach. One is not better than the other, they are simply different stages.

Like being a child, adult or senior, one is not better than the other, they are simply different stages of life.

As an analogy, the leaves of a maple tree are green in the summer, then yellow, orange and red in the autumn and are gone in the winter. One phase of the maple tree is not right and the other wrong, they are simply different phases of the tree’s life.

Similarly, it’s not good or bad to be a zombie, a werewolf or a vampire; it’s not right or wrong.

Don’t take this terminology too seriously, it’s simply a label to help clarify and explain the EGO Hacking paradigm. So don’t dwell on the idea of the phases, it’s simply a model.

Now, let’s start to list some of the characteristics of Phase I.

Phase 1: The Human Experience
Most people in the general population are living The Human Experience and are not aware.

The Human Experience is about the external and physical. The external world and the physical senses are considered the ultimate reality and all else is nonsense-talk. What matters is the external physical world.

Phase I is about “I want it to be clear, I want it to be certain, I want to be sure, I want to be be right, I want the answers”. It’s about the “I”.

Phase I is about accumulation, addition, incorporation, safe keeping, protecting, security. It’s about building, constructing, erecting. But most importantly, it’s about wanting to control.

It’s about the pursuit of Happiness.

It’s about, I want, I need, I am. The “I” is the center of my Universe and everything revolves around it.

The Human Experience is about judgment, emotions, beliefs, fears. Decisions and actions are make using emotions with little to no awareness.

The Human Experience is about fully buying into the amusement park rides and games, feeling all the emotions without awareness.

The king of Phase 1 is the EGO. The ego runs the show, runs your life. A lot of energy goes toward maintaining the EGO.

It’s about believing in the dream of “happily ever after”. Happily-ever-after does not exists, it’s a myth.

Phase 2: The EGO Hacking Stage
Phase 2 is about letting go of the external reality and beginning to embrace the awareness of the non-physical. It’s about awakening.

It’s about becoming aware of something that you didn’t know existed, like Neo in the Matrix.

Phase 2 is about reducing, subtracting, eliminating, letting go of control. It’s about deconstructing, destroying.

Entering Phase 2 requires courage. You realize you are standing alone. You need other people less and less, you don’t need their compliments and their judgments. You are no longer a spectator at the amusement par, you can now see other people behaving as expected when something triggers them.

Your internal world becomes more important and the external physical reality starts to lose dominance.

You start to dissociate the relationship you have built in Phase 1 between the external physical world and your I, you EGO.

You start to see how things really work.

It’s about knowing that happily-ever-after does not exists, it’s a myth and you are absolutely fine with it.

Phase 1 To 2
In Phase 1, you are constantly searching for a meaning to life, a purpose for your existence. But once awakened, even partially, the search becomes unnecessary.

Questions you had in Phase 1 and considered central to your life are no longer valid in Phase 2.

The need for the pursuit of happiness also becomes unnecessary. This is freedom. You are also free from the emotion of the anxiety that comes with the idea of dying. You no longer have a “fear of death”. Instead you have the comfort and peace of mind of the awareness of death.

This is a very short glimpse into the world of EGO Hacking, much more to come.

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EGO Hacking is the rational approach to understanding & hacking the mind in order to dramatically improve your quality of life. There's an additional, interesting side-effect, i.e. the natural emergence of spirituality and enlightenment.

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